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APM WinMachine 13.0

A design tool to produce high-quality machine mechanisms and structures
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APM WinMachine is much more than just a simple graphic design tool for creating equipment and solving a wide range of engineering problems – actually, this is a suite of tools that offers you graphical, engineering analysis, and finite-element analysis tools, complete with a set of databases of materials, construction elements, mechanical data, etc.

This software (or a set of programs) is a comprehensive tool that allows you to design, optimize, and document a wide variety of calculations and structures. You can not only create your own designs, but edit and modify existing ones, or make use of the various databases provided to pick up any of the construction, mechanical, or material data and incorporate them into your projects.

The program comes with two main graphic editors – APM Graph for 2D objects, and APM Studio for 3D surface and solid modeling, with an automatic mesh generator and the possibility of importing and analyzing STEP files. For engineering analysis, you are provided with nine useful utilities plus a database management system. APM Trans for mechanical transmission evaluation and design, APM Shaft for shaft and axes calculations, APM Screw for screw gear calculation and design, APM Joint for machine and building element joints, or APM Spring for the calculation and design of elastic elements, are only part of the many possibilities that APM WinMachine offers you.

The Finite-Element Analysis section is divided into APM Structure 3D and APM Dynamics. The former is used for the analysis of 3D structures and solids of all types, and it includes dynamic analysis. Dynamic system analysis is, by the way, the main purpose of the latter.

All these tools, together with the databases mentioned above, will help you model and design pieces and structures that will conform to all the requirements and professional standards set by the client. Everything is integrated in an all-in-one suite with support for both 2D and 3D designs, with numerous features to analyze all materials and objects in depth, and to decide which changes need to be made in order to create the highest-quality possible product. This is not a tool for beginners or novice graphical designers – this is a high-end professional set of programs meant to render professional designs and results.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Extensive selection of graphic tools, engineering analysis, databases, etc
  • High-quality graphics
  • 2D and 3D editor
  • Helps you solve a large amount of engineering problems


  • Not for the novice user
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